A Local Effort is Underway to Reopen Tamms Supermax

Jan 2, 2014

A Union County woman is leading the charge to convince state leaders to reopen the Tamms Correctional Center.

file photo of local rally to keep Tamms Correctional Center open
Credit Reopen Tamms Correctional Ceneter

Marsha Griffin of Jonesboro has started a petition drive on Facebook called Reopen Tamms Correctional Center. She says the page received over 200 signatures in a few hours. Griffin says signature are coming in from across Illinois.  She says her goal is to collect 10-thousand signatures, then deliver them to Illinois state lawmakers during the spring legislative session.

Griffin says the state needs to realize the closing of Tamms has put correctional employees in further danger because of increased violence and overcrowding in prisons. Her husband worked at Tamms before it was shuttered. He currently works at the Pinckneyville Correctional Center.

More information on the petition is on line at the Reopen Tamms Correctional Center page on Facebook.