Kenneth Evans, Third SIUC Chancellor Finalist, Details His Plans

Apr 23, 2020

Kenneth Evans
Credit Southern Illinois University

The third and final candidate for SIUC Chancellor says he would use his expertise in data analytics to help students succeed if he's selected for the job.

In his virtual visit with the campus community, Lamar University President Kenneth Evans discussed the importance of helping students early in their college experience - before they've dug a hole they can't get out of.

"It's OK to reach out and seek help. For those that can't do that, or are having a hard time embracing that reality, you have to watch them. You've got to use analytics to discover where the challenges are, and make sure you're catching them before they trip."

Successful students win the day for programs. It puts you on the map. ~Kenneth Evans

Evans says the key to a successful university is the strength of its student support - at the undergraduate and graduate level.

"To make doctoral programs successful, and I'm speaking to the choir here - I know that, but you've got to invest in the students' success. Successful students win the day for programs. It puts you on the map."

Evans also says he's got ideas for SIUC when it comes to strategic planning and goal setting, and he's ready to accept the challenge.

Three finalists have now made their presentation for the top job on the Carbondale campus. SIU President Dan Mahony and the university's board of trustees hope to have a new chancellor in place this summer.