Jackson County Holds Educational Forum For Young Adults

Jul 31, 2020

The Carbondale Public Library and Carbondale NAACP hosted an online conference directed at young adults addressing the spike in COVID-19 cases in Jackson County.

Jackson County Health officials are concerned about the drastic increase in COVID-19 cases in young adults.

Through an online forum, health experts educated the public on the facts and statistics of the dangers of COVID-19.

Jackson County received over 40% of its 588 cases COVID-19 in July.

Jackson County Health Department administrator Bart Hagston says young adults that don’t comply with the state guidelines are putting everyone at risk.

“Young people need to realize that as they become part of that cycle of transmission of the virus within the community then that becomes a problem because the disease continues to spread and spread which is what is occurring now.”

Officials say they’ve seen trends in transmission from risky activities like sharing vape devices, having inside gatherings, and pool parties.