Jackson County Continues To Assess Damage From Flooding

Aug 6, 2019

The Great Flood of 2019 affected 36 of the states 102 counties.

Illinois was granted an extension by FEMA for submitting a major disaster declaration due to the amount of damage that’s still unknown.

After months of Spring rain and record flooding, the water is starting to reveal the damage it left behind in Jackson County.

Jackson County EMA Deputy Coordinator Orval Rowe says they still don’t know all of the damage yet?

“We’ve probably still got 5 or 6 miles of road there in western county still under water.”

The initial damage assessment for Jackson County reached $7.1 million, but that can fluctuate.

“Some of that was roads that we shot high, because not knowing what damage was going to be underneath the water for a 3-month period of time.”

Once the water recedes and the county assess’ the damage that price could drop.

Grand Chain received the most damage from the flood.

Two sink holes opened up on front street from the storm drains collapsing under the road that also damaged the town’s water and sewer lines.

“I’ve seen an estimate on the sewer pipes and the road is right at $4 million.”

IEMA and FEMA will in Jackson County Monday continuing assessing the damage throughout the state.