Jackson Co. Board to Debate Gun Control Bills in Springfield

May 21, 2018

The Jackson County Board may weigh in on gun legislation in the Illinois General Assembly.

The bills in Springfield include restrictions on the gun buying age, increased waiting periods, magazine bans and gun dealer licensing.

The county board's Legislative and Public Safety Committee recently voted to forward the debate to the full membership. Scott Comparato, Milton Maxwell and Tamiko Mueller voted yes. Emily Burke voted no. Three members were absent.

Comparato says the school shooting in Parkland, Florida seems to have sparked a shift in attitudes about gun access, especially assault weapons.
"I think it's important for government at all levels to get involved and weigh in on issues of this magnitude. I think that's what this is about."

Burke says she calls it an anti-gun resolution that is mostly political pandering and counterproductive to the board's work.
""It's the right of the people of Jackson County to keep and bear arms and it's a United States constitutional right. A few of my fellow county board members need to stop trying to enforce unconstitutional actions."

The board meets Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Jackson County Courthouse.