Illinois State Fire Marshal Urges Busy College Students To Be Fire Aware.

Sep 14, 2020

While  many college students are coping with homework and COVID-19 safety, the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal says pay attention to fire safety as well.

Public Information Officer J.C. Fults says during this important time in their lives, students should still think safety as well as homework.

"This is the first time many are living on their own.  So it's important that you have that fire escape plan now for your campus house."

Fults  says keep those smoke alarm batteries where they belong. 

"Yes...that is the biggest thing, is don't use those batteries for a game controller or any other device in the house."

September is fire safety month.  According to Campus Firewatch, 85 percent of college-related fire fatalities have happened in off-campus housing.