Illinois Popular for Holiday Thefts

Dec 21, 2015

One insurance provider says Illinois close to tops in the nation when it comes to reported thefts during December and January.

Bloomington-based State Farm says Illinois was fourth when it came to theft claims in December of last year - at least through their firm - and that the holiday season is when more theft claims come in as compared to the rest of the year. State Farm spokesperson Missy Dundov.

"Normally, that's in your homeowners insurance.  Most people, if you own a home, you have that protection. If you rent, it's really important that you have renters insurance.  That's where you'll get the protection if you're renting a home.  If you own a home, homeowners insurance is something most mortgage companies require you to have."

State Farm is leading a social media campaign with the hashtag "Protect Your Presents."

Dundov says among the simple things you can do, don't go on the internet and tell everyone what you got for Christmas or that you're going on vacation.