Illinois Lawmakers Return to Springfield on June 29

Jun 24, 2016

Legislators who've been privately working for the past month to craft a temporary budget have one drafted.  But that doesn't make it a done deal.

The strain of going nearly a year without a budget ... coupled with doubt a full deal can be reached in the near future ... have made a temporary budget the priority.

"There's positive momentum, and certainly the ability to get a stopgap done.”

That's Democratic Senator Heather Steans, who's part of the bipartisan group.  She says its work is done. Mostly.

She says outstanding issues remain. Like how much money should go into education.

"So I think the real next step is that the leaders need to meet, take up what we've done and make some final decisions on that."

The leaders: as in Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and the Democrats who head up supermajorities in the House and Senate.

We may know by Wednesday if they can reach an agreement; that’s when legislators will be back in the capitol.