Illinois Lawmakers Call for Hearings on COVID-19 Response

Illinois lawmakers are calling for hearings on the state's response to COVID-19.

In a bipartisan virtual news conference, Senator Sue Rezin said there should be more transparency about why decisions are being made, and that legislators need to have a voice during the pandemic.

"I understand the seriousness of this pandemic and I do not take it lightly. But, the reality is we're eight months into the pandemic and the General Assembly should have a say and a seat at the table and be allowed to have hearings and ask questions."

When asked about this during his daily briefing, Governor JB Pritzker said lawmakers are kept in the loop.

"The General Assembly has had a seat at the table for quite some time now. We have a Restore Illinois commission that the General Assembly passed a bill to create. There are members of that Restore Illinois commission, we've had members of our administration presenting to them on a regular basis."

Pritzker said his office will continue to answer lawmakers' questions and provide them information.