Illinois Archaeological Project Top 10 In The World

Mar 6, 2016
Originally published on February 25, 2016 8:59 am

An archaeological discovery in Illinois has received worldwide recognition.  Evidence of a prehistoric city well preserved under present day East St. Louis has been found, dug up and is being analyzed.

Tom Emerson is the Director of the Illinois State Archaeological Survey, which was in charge of the project.  The Chinese Academy of Sciences named it one of the top 10  field projects in the world.   


"This site was really unique and we've been telling people, but it really doesn't sink in at the local level," he said. "People are like 'yeah, yeah you're digging another Indian site.'

He says this recognition makes people wake up and see the importance. 

Emerson says it came about as part of transportation work, now known as the Stan Musial Bridge that connects East St Louis to St. Louis.  However, the work was limited and only a portion of the site was excavated.


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