IDPH Surveying COVID-19 Patients About Recovery

Mar 31, 2020

While states keep track of the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and those who die from the virus, some are calling for news on how many people are recovering.

At Tuesday's daily press briefing, Illinois Department of Public Health director Dr. Ngoze Ezike says the vast majority of people testing positive do not suffer severe illness.

"Early data does show that the vast majority of people, we think up to 80% , will not need any severe or critical care. We all need to do our part by staying home in order to reduce the spread."

IDPH recently sent a survey to COVID-19 patients at least seven days after their positive test result. Dr. Ezike says of those who responded, 48% indicated they had recovered and she hopes to hear from more of those who have recovered in the coming days.