Hundreds Show for "Gone Girl" Casting Call

Aug 19, 2013

About 1,400 people turned up for a weekend casting call in Cape Girardeau for a feature movie.

Credit Jacob McCleland/KRCU

The Southeast Missourian reports a casting company held a call Saturday for prospective background extras for the 20th Century Fox feature film ``Gone Girl,'' by Gillian Flynn.

The book was published in 2012 and is largely set in a Missouri town on the Mississippi River. Hopefuls from around the area streamed inside a Cape Girardeau theater before the all-day session began. They filled out information cards and were photographed. Some were also interviewed by the casting director.

There's been no official word on whether Cape Girardeau will be a filming location for ``Gone Girl,'' but Mayor Harry Rediger says the fact there was a local casting call could be a good sign.