Housing Rehab Program Taking Applications

May 22, 2017

A housing repair program will help some low-income homeowners in Jackson, Perry, Randolph and Monroe Counties make needed repairs over the next two years.
Robert Schroeder says the state is funding the program at Western Egyptian Economic Opportunity Council through the Illinois Housing Development Authority - despite the lack of a state budget.

"Funding has been harder to come by lately, and last year, there was no funding at all put out. We're fortunate that funding came out this year and it's coming out as part of the state's housing trust fund and we hope that it will continue to go on for a number of years using the trust fund here. Unfortunately it is at a lower amount than what it has been when they've had trust fund plus as the sources of money in the past."

Schroeder says there is a guideline for who qualifies.
"The income guideline varies by county, it's, the maximum that you can make is 80 percent of the median income. For example, take Randolph County, if you have a family of one, $35,600 is the most that you can make in gross income and qualify for the program. And it goes up according to the size of your family."
Repairs may include roofing, windows, doors, furnace, plumping and more. There is a waiting list already, but Schroeder says they still want people to call.

To apply, call 618-965-3193. You can learn more at weeoc.org.

The deadline to apply is 4:30 on Friday, May 26.