High Science: Medical Marijuana

May 26, 2015

Illinois and 22 other states allow the medical use of marijuana. The origin of cannabis for medicinal purposes dates back to the healers of ancient China. But what do we really know about the science of marijuana? Despite the fact that marijuana has been around for centuries very little scientific research has been conducted.  

"High Science" is National Geographic's June cover story. WSIU Radio's Jeff Williams talked with writer Hampton Sides about his story that explores the world of medical marijuana from research conducted in the early 1800's in Europe to the current genetic mapping underway in the U-S as well as the current state of medical marijuana regulations in the United States.

That's writer Hampton Sides.  His article on medical marijuana is the cover story for the June edition of National Geographic magazine.  He talked with WSIU's Jeff Williams.  You can access the article by clicking here.