Herrin Hospital Recognized for Stroke Care

Dec 12, 2012

Herrin Hospital is getting major accolades for its continued work on treating stroke patients.

Herrin Hospital
Credit SIH

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association have awarded the facility with a "Target Stroke" designation, as well as a bronze award in their "Get with the Guidelines" campaign. SIH Stroke Program Coordinator Leslie Cranick says the awards show just how hard they're working to bring excellent care to stroke victims in this region: "You know, we're not up here winning these awards because we want to win awards. We're up here striving for the best practices so the patients can easily recognize where to go to receive quality care."
Herrin Hospital's Emergency Department Director, Doctor Josh Miksanek, says training and constant work on updating protocols means better outcomes for the patient: "For us, minutes are not enough. We're down to the second, really, at every step of the process, really trying to fine-tune what we can do to improve our care."
The staff at Herrin Hospital got the awards for their excellence in getting critical care to stroke patients in as short a time as possible, and coordinating with specialized departments to make sure the treatment meets the needs of each individual.