H Group / SIRSS Formally Annouce Merger

Feb 3, 2012

Representatives from two major social services organizations in southern Illinois came together Friday to announce their plan to merge.

The Boards of Directors of the H Group and Southern Illinois Regional Social Services have agreed to unite their organizations. H Group CEO John Markley says the merger will not only mean both agencies can continue to provide the services their clients are accustomed to, but also allow them to expand services throughout the region.

Markley says an expansion of services will also mean the agency will be looking to hire more qualified counselors. He says mergers like the one between the H Group and SIRSS are becoming the wave of the future as social service agencies look for ways to continue their operations in light of reduced state funding.

SIRSS executive director Karen Freitag says there will be a joint session later this month to go over the integration plans on how to make the merger happen. She says this isn't a hostile takeover or a response to bankruptcy. Freitag says it's the best way to preserve and expand their services in a very challenging financial environment.

The merged agency, which will start operating July 1st, will take the name of the H Group.