Great US Shakeout Drill Tuesday

Feb 6, 2012

An earthquake can happen just about any time in the southern Illinois region…

Tuesday is the Great Central US Shakeout earthquake preparedness drill.  Emergency responders across the state are helping to raise awareness by  encouraging people to practice  what they should do in the event of a quake. Steve Land is with the Williamson County Emergency Management agency.  He says Tuesday morning’s drill is a great time for schools to practice what kids need to do in the event of an earthquake. Land says drop, cover and hold on is the procedure for an earthquake;  get under a sturdy table or desk; cover your head with one arm and use the other arm to hold on to a leg of the table or desk.   Several schools in the region are taking part in the drill. Land is also encouraging county offices to take part.  

The Great Central US Shakeout drill is Tuesday morning at 10:15am.  

The southern Illinois region rests within the New Madrid and Wabash seismic zones.