Gov. Rauner Vetoes Part of School Funding Bill

Aug 1, 2017

Governor Bruce Rauner Tuesday vetoed significant portions of legislation that would overhaul the way Illinois funds public schools.

Much of the legislation has bipartisan support. But, the governor took issue with Democratic provisions meant to help Chicago Public Schools.

"This isn't a bailout, this is wonderful for everybody, this... No, that is false! The numbers that I've put out and the numbers that I'm traveling the state every day is the truth."
The fact-checking group Politifact Illinois today said RAUNER'S assessment is "false."

Accepting or rejecting Rauner's vetoes would require a super-majority vote - meaning Democrats and at least some Republicans will have to agree.

Lawmakers have about two weeks to act, but schools are getting impatient. They can't get state funds without some version of this legislation, and they're expecting their first payment on August 10th.

Three-fifths of lawmakers in both chambers must either approve or override Rauner's changes. Both options will be difficult. If neither chamber can muster the votes, the legislation dies.

Ahead Rauner's Capitol news conference, Democrats backing the measure called for Rauner to sign it, instead of rewriting it. State Sen. Andy Manar, a Bunker Hill Democrat, says a veto of the bill sets the state ``back decades.''

Both parties agree the 20-year-old formula Illinois uses to fund schools is unfair, but they disagree over how to change it.