Gov. Rauner Takes Hit in Veto Session

Oct 25, 2017

The Illinois House dealt a series of rebukes to Governor Bruce Rauner Wednesday.

Republicans joined Democrats to override nearly a dozen of the governor’s vetoes.

The bills covered a range of issues — from gender pay equity to whether schoolchildren should be taught cursive writing.

The overrides are a significant departure from Rauner’s first two years in office, when the governor held Republicans together — blocking all but three overrides.

Rep. David McSweeney, a Republican from Barrington Hills, backed legislation intended to give a clearer picture of Illinois’ debt.

“This is a good bill. Nobody should oppose this bill. Stop the madness. Vote yes."

And nobody did oppose it — that passed 112 to zero.

Governor Rauner did prevail on three bills, including a Democratic attempt to set up a state-sponsored worker’s compensation insurance company that would compete with the private sector.