Gov. Rauner Signs Two New Guns Laws

Jul 16, 2018

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed a pair of gun-related bills into law Monday.

One measure allows a judge to order police to take away someone’s guns and registration for up to six months - if that person is thought to be a threat to others.

"I believe this bill protects constitutional rights while increasing public safety."

Rauner also signed into law another gun bill that passed with bipartisan support.

That measure requires gun shops to wait 72 hours before handing over a purchased gun to a buyer.

A third gun bill remains in limbo.

That one would require gun shops to get a state license, like doctors or lawyers have to do.

Rauner threatened to veto it - and his Democratic opponent JB Pritzker - says it’s an example of how Rauner stands with the gun lobby.