Gov. Rauner Proposes Reinstating Death Penalty

Gov. Bruce Rauner Monday asked the Illinois General Assembly to reinstate the death penalty for mass murderers and those who kill law enforcement officers.

The proposal is part of a public safety initiative the Governor unveiled in an amendatory veto of House Bill 1468.

Rauner's changes create a new category of homicide called "death penalty murder." He says it would apply to offenders 18 and over that prosecutors charge with killing peace officers or two or more people without lawful justification.
"Individuals who commit mass murder, individuals who choose to murder a law enforcement officer, they deserve to have their life taken. I don't believe this is anything other than very good policy, widely supported by the people of Illinois and I think by elected representatives. I think it's the right thing to do to pass this."

Defendants would have to be found guilty beyond all doubt to be eligible for the death penalty.

The governor also proposes a 72-hour waiting period for the sale of  all guns in Illinois and a ban on bump stocks. He also wants to let schools use sales tax money to hire resource officers or mental health workers.

Lawmakers will have to approve these proposals for them to take effect.