Gov. Rauner Promises A Balanced Budget Proposal

Governor Bruce Rauner will outline his budget proposal for the new fiscal year in his annual address Wednesday.

Passing a budget certainly hasn't been easy the past few years...and the state continues to face many fiscal challenges.

But, Governor Rauner recently said he plans to present a spending plan that includes more money for education and begins to roll back last year's income tax increase.
"It'll be balanced. It will live within our means and will show some reforms where we can begin the process of reducing our income tax burden."
Democratic Senate President John Cullerton is skeptical.
"I'm looking forward to tomorrow's presentation to see how he does it. It should be interesting. He's promised a lot. So far, he has not even come close to passing a balanced budget. His job is to come up with a pragmatic plan that reflects his vision for Illinois and then go get votes to pass it and work with the legislative leaders to come up with a budget."

The budget message is at noon Wednesday. It'll be broadcast on WSIU Radio and TV and streamed here at