Gov. Rauner Heckled at Univ. of Illinois Visit

Apr 28, 2016

Governor Bruce Rauner's appearance at the University of Illinois Urbana campus Thursday was cut short by demonstrators who heckled him about the state budget impasse.

The governor was on campus to congratulate students who excelled in bringing new technology to market. He promised better times for the U of I, once a budget agreement was reached in Springfield. But the applause Rauner received competed with demonstrators who held signs, chanted slogans and pounded on walls.

(wall-pounding in background) "Once we get through our budget crisis in Springfield, I look forward to getting significant, more funding for the University of Illinois, expanding the College of Engineering, expanding the entire footprint for the University of Illinois. It's a great institution. (cheers)".

Rauner left before he could meet the winner of the Illinois Innovation Prize -- Aadeel Akhtar.  The Ph.D. and M.D. candidate is developing an affordable but high-tech prosthetic hand with sensory feedback that simulates the sense of touch.