Gov. Rauner Activates EOC for Flooded Communities

Governor Bruce Rauner is activating the state's Emergency Operations Center to help flooded communities.

The center helps coordinate emergency and relief efforts to rain soaked areas. The governor says a big focus now is on river flooding that will increase throughout the week.

Inmates have already been deployed to help with sandbagging in Murphysboro and Desoto, and sandbags and plastic have been delivered to Grand Tower and the Menard Correctional Center in Chester.

The American Red Cross has a shelter in Marion and others are on standby if needed.

The Big Muddy River at Murphysboro is expected to crest at a near record level later this week.
Thursday's 40-foot crest would fall just inches shy of the 40.5-inch record crest in 2011.

According to the Murphysboro Emergency Management Agency, this week's crest will close Plum Street, Watson Road, the area near 23rd and Lindall, portions of South 3rd, 4th and 5th Streets, as well as portions of Shoemaker Drive from 5th and Bridge, Stephen Drive, Tony Drive and the old Route 13 Bridge over the Bug Muddy River.

Residents can access updated flood information at the City of Murphysboro's website.

The following roads are closed in Williamson County:
Wards Mill
Moake School
Old Creal
East Ellis
South Market
Freeman Spur/Grape
Saline River Road
N. Bend Road
Clifford Road
Cuniff Cemetery Road
Laminack Road
North end of Packer Land
Gosnell Road
Dykersburg Road

In Johnston City: 10th St. between Market and Chestnut

The Randolph County Emergency Management Agency has released the latest list of major roads that are closed or expected to be closed Monday, May 1:
Kaskaskia River Lock and Dam Road near Modoc
Water Street in Chester
Rte. 155 flood gates on Prairie du Rocher Creek in Prairie du Rocher
Rte. 3 between Chester and Rockwood
Rte. 3 flood gates at Cora
Kaskaskia Street in Chester

Thanks to a week of heavy rains...last month was the second wettest April on record in Illinois, according to Illinois State Climatologist Jim Angel.