Gov. Pritzker Warns Coronavirus-Related Price Gouging Won't Be Tolerated

Mar 6, 2020

Governor JB Pritzker says the State of Illinois is on the lookout for price gouging related to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Governor Pritzker’s administration has contacted insurance companies, warning them not to jack up prices for patients.

"We have reminded them of their obligations under the law in terms of coverage of insured and under-insured patients. I've personally had conversations directly with the CEO's of the largest insurance companies in the State of Illinois reiterating this. On that note, my administration is closely monitoring the affordability of over the counter goods and services necessary for Illinoisans to be healthy."

Pritzker says price gouging will also not be tolerated for things like hand sanitizer, face masks and other products.

The governor says there are now five confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection in Illinois.