Gov. Pritzker Signs Legislation, Two Executive Orders to Support Public Safety, First Responders

Aug 16, 2019

Governor JB Pritzker is signing a handful of new laws to beef up the Illinois State Police and help first responders struggling with mental health issues.

Governor Pritzker says one new law establishes a peer support program for first responders and a suicide prevention task force.

"The measures I signed today build on the work we've done this year to better serve those who work in public safety. Together, these initiatives move us closer to a holistic criminal justice system, one that protects law enforcement, honors public servants, respects victims, and allows the people of Illinois to go about their lives with a renewed sense of safety, justice and hope."

Another law expands the pool of qualified applicants for the state police…lifting the requirement of a bachelor’s degree.

Acting director Brendan Kelly says they don’t want to exclude any good candidates.

Additionally, victims of sexual assault will be able to electronically track if their rape kit has been processed.