Gov. Pritzker Says There is Flexibility in Restore Illinois Plan

May 19, 2020

Some local government leaders across Illinois are asking Governor J-B Pritzker to be more flexible to allow them to re-open their economies ahead of the May 29 target date.

Pritzker says it's important to run the full course in Phase 2 of his Restore Illinois plan.

"The flexibility comes in the way at the edges of the variety of businesses that will be reopening. Are there more things that they might be able to do? Those are things being considered by the industry groups we put together with advice from the employees, from the owners, from the industry associations."

Pritzker says all four regions of Illinois are on pace to move into Phase 3 of the re-opening plan on May 29.

With plenty of businesses in the private sector shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Illinois republican leaders are wondering why state government isn't laying off workers and requiring them to take pay cuts.

Governor Pritzker says state services are needed now more than ever.

"We need to stand up for the social services that people need to make sure we can fund the programs that help them reduce their rent. This is exactly the time when you don't want to cut public health departments. You don't want to cut back on emergency management or on our Department of Innovation and Technology."

Pritzker says state government is actually going to have to do more because of the financial hardship caused by the virus.