Gov. Pritzker Defends Decision to Cancel Confederate Railroad Show at DQ State Fair

Jul 10, 2019

Illinois Governor J-B Pritzker insists cancelling the performance by Confederate Railroad at the DuQuoin State Fair was the right thing to do.

The band was nixed from the fair over concerns about the group's name and use of confederate flag imagery.

Governor Pritzker says that has no place in Illinois.
"It is TODAY a symbol of racists, white nationalists of the alt-right. So, I do not think the State of Illinois should be sponsoring something that is amplifying that symbol. So, that is why we took the action that we did."

Some - including Murphysboro GOP State Representative Terri Bryant - have questioned why rapper Snoop Dogg hasn't been nixed from state fair in Springfield's lineup as well, citing his 2017 album with imagery of a dead body with a toe tag reading "Trump." Governor Pritzker says there is a tremendous difference.
"Between the political satire, the discussion by a single artist, his political views and the representation of truly millions of people being enslaved, hundreds of thousands of people being killed under the banner of treason, essentially."
Snoop Dogg performs at the Illinois State Fair on August 16th.