Gov. Candidates Spar on Education Funding

Sep 15, 2014

There's a stark contrast between Governor Pat Quinn's and private equity investor Bruce Rauner's plans for education in Illinois.

  It's next to impossible to find a politician who doesn't put education as a top priority. And Quinn, a Democrat and Rauner, are no exception.   While both want to give schools more money, it's a question where the money will come from. Quinn favors a higher income tax rate; Rauner hasn't explained how he'd do it.  But let's move beyond the finances for a bit -- and focus on where that money would go. Quinn's agenda seems to leave things basically as-is; taxpayer dollars flow to public schools:  "I believe that the public system of education is the best way to go." That was what Quinn said, appearing before the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, where Rauner said he wants to use taxpayer money for a voucher-type system. "I believe we should empower parents to choose their schools."
 Rauner's plan calls for creating a state program that gives a tax credit to donors for funding low-income students' private school tuition.