Fracking Permit Sought in White County

Jun 15, 2017

The first application to obtain a permit for High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing since the Illinois General Assembly approved the work in 2013 is now under review. .
Woolsey Operating Company, LLC wants to use the permit in White County.

Tabitha Tripp with Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing Our Environment also known as SAFE wants to educate others on what to expect and how to get their voices heard. But they've run into a problem.
They applied for a permit at the Hamilton County State Fish and Wildlife Area but were denied.
"It is my understanding we were denied a permit because the state of Illinois sees that our educational, informational meeting and gathering creates or causes a public safety hazard."
Tripp says she spent a lot of time trying to get insurance for the event, but then ...
"I asked if there would be any officers or staff working that evening and he said no because of state cut backs here, they don't work after 4:30. And so, I said well I'm a little concerned because, you know, sometimes these things have agitators show up at them and I want to ensure that everybody's safe. And immediately he thought that we were going to be creating a problem."
For now, Tripp says the best thing to do is to mail or email the IDNR with your comments or concerns about the fracking permit by June 27th at 5pm.

To do so:
Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Attention: Oil and Gas Regulatory Staff, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL 62702 All public comments MUST include Review Number: (HVHHF-000001).