Former Gov. Edgar Talks About Illinois' Budget Woes

May 11, 2018

Former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar says the state won't be able to deal with long standing problems this year because of the election.

Speaking at an NPR Illinois forum in Springfield Thursday - Edgar commented on the partisan atmosphere at the statehouse.

"Unfortunately, I don't think we're going to solve the pension problems, our debt problem, all that this year.  I just hope we can get a budget agreed to and then whoever is the governor will have to come back to the General Assembly, and it has to start with the governor I think, and have some concrete long term solutions to these problems."

Edgar also says he's hopeful the state will be able to turn things around.
"This is Illinois. We're a rich state. We've just had leadership that I kind of think has made some mistakes.  I think with strong leadership we can get this state back on track.  And I think we can regain our prominence in this 50 state nation."

The General Assembly has a May 31st scheduled adjournment.