Food and Personal Care Donations Sought for Alexander Co. Flood Victims

Jul 8, 2019

Road closures due to high water in Alexander County have isolated residents in East Cape Girardeau and some of those living in McClure and Gale.

Lesley Stoffel manages Southern Roots Hair Company in Anna. She is helping organize a donation drive to gather everyday items flood victims need to survive.

"Right now we are asking for non-perishable foods, water, Gatorade, sanitation wipes, hand sanitizers, condiments, Ziploc baggies to keep stuff in so the bugs and things like that aren't getting in their food, bowls, plates, cups, any kind of body washes, shampoo and conditioners."

Stoffel and others are in the process of organizing a weekly community meal for residents of McClure and East Cape Girardeau.
"That's where we feel like these community meals are going to be so important, just for the fellowship. To know that they're not just experiencing this by themselves. Everybody there is going through some kind of heartache and trouble, trying to survive at this point."

You can drop off donations at Stoffel's business, Southern Roots Hair Company in Anna, or at The Spark Ministries in McClure.