Flu Season is Here

Feb 13, 2012

If it seems like everyone around you is sick, you may be right. The Centers for Disease Control says flu season has picked up steam in the last three weeks.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Chris Harrison says it's definitely getting worse, so if you haven't been sick yet, you might consider getting yourself and your children vaccinated.  Harrison says for children, we know that the nasal drop vaccine is maybe ten to fifteen percent more effective than the shot, which also might make the kids happy, too, if they don't have to take a shot.

Dr. Harrison says the flu season is peaking right now and could stick around through March.  So how do you know if it's the flu or just a cold? Dr. Harrison says if it comes on suddenly and feverishly, it's probably the flu.  He also says this season we're seeing many people come down with a bacterial respiratory infection right after they have had a bout with the flu. 

Vaccinations aren't recommended for people who have had a reaction in the past, or have certain allergies. Healthy people can usually recover on their own if they get the flu.   More information about the flu is available on line at www.flu.gov.