Final Panel Installed at Perryville Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Aug 29, 2018

The exact replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is now in place in Perryville, Missouri.

Workers installed the final panel of the granite wall on Tuesday at Missouri's National Veterans Memorial.

Executive director Nancy Guth says it was an emotional moment, especially for veteran Jim Eddleman, who came up with the idea and donated over two million dollars to get it started.
"Jim Eddleman was, of course, just ecstatic, and so pleased. (He) just smiled the whole time. We actually had a chaplain who was there and gave a little prayer. We all signed the back of the panel, gave a little note of appreciation to the people who were lost in Vietnam."

She says crowds have already been showing up to look at the unfinished wall. She says the crowds should really pick up now that the entire wall is visible.
"We plan to start having more volunteers here to be available to explain where we're headed. I expect it to just be unbelievable."

Guth says the on-site museum still needs to be finished and the grounds landscaped, so the grand opening will be held on May 18th, 2019. It's located at 1172 Veterans Memorial Parkway on the north end of Perryville.