Federal Investigators Request NRI Hearing Delay

Jul 11, 2014

Credit Illinois Public Radio

Republican members of a legislative panel probing Gov. Pat Quinn's troubled anti-violence program say they'll continue with proceedings next week even after a U.S. Department of Justice request to hold off.

State Rep. Ron Sandack sits on the Legislative Audit Commission. He says he wanted a more formal request instead of a verbal one.

Late Thursday, Justice Department officials delivered a letter to committee chairmen reiterating their request to temporarily suspend interviews due to their ``ongoing federal criminal investigation.''

Republicans said they stood by earlier statements and they'd take it under advisement.

Democratic commission members say they want to suspend proceedings

This year, an audit blasted Quinn's 2010 Neighborhood Recovery Initiative. Commission members say the audit left unanswered questions and subpoenaed former Quinn aides to testify next week.