Federal Appeals Court Hears Arguments in Blagojevich Case

Where the line is drawn between politics and corruption may be what gets former Gov. Rod Blagojevich out of prison.

Credit CNN

Judges heard an hour of oral arguments from both sides in federal appeals court in Chicago Friday.  Blagojevich's attorney Len Goodman says they argued that the former governor wasn't breaking the law when he tried to trade a U.S. Senate seat for a position in President Obama's cabinet.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Debra Bonamici says Blagojevich knew what he was doing was wrong.  After the hearing, Goodman declined to predict whether the judges would move to overturn the convictions or reduce Blagojevich's sentence. Blagojevich himself was not present at the hearing. His wife Patti was in attendance, and later said she hoped her husband can return home soon.

A ruling is not expected for several weeks.