Family Counseling Center to Study a Name Change

Jun 24, 2019

The Family Counseling Center is celebrating its 45th anniversary in southern Illinois with plans to change its name.

Executive director Sherrie Crabb says her agency has been investigating what it means to be a human services provider in the area after doubling in size over the last four years in terms of income, number of employees and clients it serves.

"We believe that the name Family Counseling Center really doesn't tell the story that we want to tell to others about what we do and what our role is in the community."
Crabb says the agency has changed so much of what it does that counseling is just a small part of it now.
"We provide residential care. We provide vocational and job training. We pretty much find resources for whomever is needing those resources in a community and help them connect with those things. We should or could be accessing additional revenue sources or grants or different areas of business maybe that we haven't added to our service array."

Crabb says the agency has become a leaner operation thanks in part to the recent two-year state budget impasse.
"We've been very diligent about making sure that any services that we're picking up or providing or adding to our service array is fitting a community need, not to just have a program to have a program."

Crabb says Family Counseling Center plans to hire a consultant to help with the name change. The process will be completed in FY-2020, which starts on July 1st.