Family Counseling Center Becomes Arrowleaf

Sep 9, 2020

A human service agency in southern Illinois is now operating under a new name.

As of Wednesday, Family Counseling Center is known as Arrowleaf. CEO Sherrie Crabb says the 46-year-old agency outgrew the old name.

"Over the years as the challenges have changed and the needs have changed we really have evolved our programs and services to meet those needs. The name just really does not encompass everything that we do."

Crabb says the name Arrowleaf comes from an indigenous plant to the Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois.

"The plant in and of its self really thrives in adverse conditions of sand and gravel, places where it shouldn't grow and thrive. They're beautiful, they're resilient and we think that describes the people we work with who overcome adversity and find ways to fulfill their potential despite the many challenges they face."

In addition to the new name, Arrowleaf has adopted a new tagline: “Growth. Community. Transformation.”