ELECTION 2016: Local Coverage and Results

Nov 8, 2016

It was a big night for Republicans in southern Illinois.

GOP incumbent Mike Bost defeated Democrat C.J. Baricevic and the Green Party's Paula Bradshaw.

Bost says he's honored to be reelected, but says the work begins again right away.

"Tonight we celebrate, but tomorrow the hard work begins anew.  America is polarized like never before, and neither party walks out of this election with a mandate.  It's critical that we work together to find solutions for growing jobs, empowering working families and getting our country back on track.  It's never impossible to find common ground, and it's never been more important."

Meanwhile Baricevic says he has no ill feelings about Bost's victory.
"We had a lot of good support. Our message I thought was very strong. It wasn't rigged, there was nothing bad about the election. This was democracy in action, we lost a tough fight."

Republican Paul Schimpf has won this open seat. He defeated Democrat Sheila Simon. Schimpf issued a written statement.

"I would like to commend Sheila Simon on running a hard-fought, honorable campaign. She is a tremendous public servant and I hope she will remain active in the public sphere. I am humbled by the trust the voters of the 58th Senate District have placed in me. The challenges our state faces are real and severe. Solving them will require humility, hard work, and bipartisan cooperation."

In conceding defeat, Simon thanked her supporters and encouraged them to stay involved in the process in the future:
"The message is tremendous thanks. So many volunteers worked so hard on this campaign, and that's what makes democracy work. It would have been nice to win the election, but I think we're all winners for having participated."
Schimpf will take over the seat from retiring State Senator Dave Luechtefeld of Okawville.

Harrisburg Mayor Dale Fowler is celebrating a win...

Fowler unseated incumbent Democrat Gary Forby in Tuesday's contest. Fowler admits it was a difficult campaign, but he says he hopes something positive can come from it.
Fowler and Forby were locked in a close race throughout the night. While totals aren't in yet, millions of dollars poured into the race from political parties and outside interest groups.

Republican Terri Bryant retained her seat in the 115th district House race. She defeated democratic challenger Marsha Griffin.

Benton Businessman Dave Severin says he's glad to have come out on top of a bitter campaign.

The Republican challenged incumbent Democrat John Bradley for the seat, and Severin says the negative campaign was difficult - but he's now ready to fight for southern Illinois.

Democrat Brandon Phelps held on to his seat. He defeated fellow Harrisburg resident Jason Kasiar.


In Clinton County, voters re-elected incumbent republican State's Attorney John Hudspeth.

Hudspeth defeated democratic challenger Janice Pulver-Lewis, 60% to 36%.

Voters also approved the formation of the Village of St. Rose.

Clinton County turnout was 69%.

Voters in Fayette County re-elected two county-wide office holders...

With 71% voter turnout, incumbent republican Fayette county State's attorney Joshua Morrison defeated his democratic challenger Stephen Friedel.

And, Republican incumbent Circuit clerk Kathy Emerick beat her democratic challenger Ashley Towler.

In the District-1 County Board Race, Republican Challenger Jenny Waggoner defeated incumbent democrat Jean Finley.

There will be a new Circuit Clerk in Franklin County...

Republican Jim Muir defeated Democrat Nancy Hobbs 57% to 40%.

In the only other contested race, Robert Pierce defeated Richard McFadden for the District-2 county Board seat to serve a two-year term.

Just under 52% of Franklin County voters cast ballots in the election.

In Hardin County...with one precinct yet to report.

Public Defender Daniel Cockrum was leading incumbent State's Attorney Tara Wallace, 55% to 45%.

Incumbent republican County Commissioner David Robinson won re-election over democratic challenger Rusty Cornell.

A little more than 44% of Jackson County voters cast ballots for contested County Board races...

For County Board District 1 - Republican challenger Jose Mendoza, Jr defeated democratic incumbent Brian Chapman.

In District 2 - Incumbent republican Dan Bost defeated Green Party candidate Charlie Howe.

In District 3 - incumbent republican Steven Bost defeated democratic challenger Beverly Hardnett-Young and Green Party candidate Randy Auxier.

In District 4 - Incumbent Tamiko Mueller defeated Green Party challenger Rich Whitney.

In District 5 - incumbent Democrat Julie Peterson defeated republican challenger Elaine Borgsmiller.

Jackson County voters approved a one-percent sales tax for education as well as approved creation of a Jackson County Public Building Commission.

In Johnson County, 72% of voters turned out for Tuesday's election...

Incumbent Republican State's Attorney Tambra Cain won re-election with a victory over democratic challenger Andrew Wilson, 60% to 40%.

Republican Gary Brumley defeated democrat Patricia Kalicki for County Commissioner.

Republican Bill Milner is the new State's Attorney.  He defeated democrat Stephanie Corum to fill the post held by Matt Wilzbach.

Incumbent County Coroner Troy Cannon won re-election over his democratic challenger Nick Parker.

Longtime Marion County Supervisor of Assessments, Patty Brough lost her re-election bid to her republican challenger Mark Miller.

For County Board District 1 - incumbent republican Angela Hiestand defeated challenger Paul Williams.

In District 2 - incumbent republican Creighton Engel beat democratic challenger Sue Andrews.

In District 3 - Republican challengers Judy Shafer and Steven Whritenour defeated incumbent democrats Greg smith and Terry Johnston for the two open seats.

Also in District 3 for an unexpired two-year term - incumbent republican Bill Henson defeated challenger Ray Albert.

In District 4 - Incumbent Democrat Gary Joe sanders and republican Judith Meeks-Hakim defeated John Lynch for the two open seats.

In District 5 - Republican Adam smith and incumbent democrat Debra Young defeated Danny Stover for the two open seats.

In Perry County, voter turnout reached nearly 70%.

Voters elected David Searby, Jr. as the new State's Attorney.  He defeated Democrat Matt Benson. 
Incumbent State's Attorney David Stanton did not run for re-election.

Incumbent republican Coroner Paul Searby, easily defeated democratic challenger Lindsey Baker.
Democrat Dallas Bigham defeated republican John Batteau for County Commission.

Incumbent republican state's attorney Jim Flummer defeated his democratic challenger Donna White McCann, 58% to 42%.

And for County Commission, incumbent democrat David Sharp defeated republican Albert Lynn Walters-Casper, 65% to 35%.

Incumbent Republican County Commissioner David Holder won re-election over democratic challenger Randy Bertetto, 58% to 39%.

Voter turnout was 67% countywide.

Incumbent Democratic State's Attorney Mike Henshaw won re-election, defeating republican challenger Molly Wilson Dearing... 54% to 46%.

Two incumbents and five new-comers were elected to the Saline County Board. They are:  Republicans Roger Craig, Mike Mckinnies, Chris Penrod, Kevin Dowdy, along with democrats David Phelps, Danny Gibbs and Rick Lane.

Saline County voters defeated a ballot issue that would have allowed the City of Harrisburg to contract for electricity supply.

Seventy-seven percent of Washington County voters turned out to elect a new State's Attorney...

Republican Daniel Bronke defeated Celeste Korando 76% to 23%.

Incumbent Washington County Coroner Mark Styninger defeated his democratic challenger Fred Klug.  81% to 19%.

In Williamson County, democrat Brent Gentry held on to his county commissioner's seat with a tight victory over the republican David Milburn. The final margin was less than 1,000 votes.

Democrat Brandon Zanotti will remain the state's attorney. He defeated GOP challenger Duane Verity.

Democrat Angie Elliot Kochan will remain as circuit clerk. She beat republican Ted Pentecost.