EIU Announces 67 Staff Layoffs

Aug 18, 2015

Eastern Illinois University President David Glassman says the school will layoff 67 employees  on campus this week as the school tries to make financial plans for the school year.

In a written release Tuesday Glassman said another 51-positions will remain open and unfilled.  He says some additional unspecified job cuts will happen soon.  The nearly 70 layoffs announced Tuesday are all civil service and administrative staff positions. No faculty position are currently being cut.  The university is trying to plan for the school year without knowing how much money it will receive from the state. 

An ongoing stalemate between Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Democrat-controlled General Assembly means the state has no budget for the fiscal year that started in July. Tuesday's release says the cuts are intended to reduce expenses to deal with declining enrollment as well as an uncertain state budget.   Eastern's enrollment fell 23-percent between 2010 and 2014, dropping to less than 9,000 students.