Dunn Responds to Document Release

Jul 3, 2018

SIU's President says he stands by his decisions when it comes to a funding reallocation between the system's Carbondale and Edwardsville campuses.

In a statement from the Belleville law firm Freeark, Harvey and Mondillo, Randy Dunn says news reports based on documents released last week don't provide the whole picture of his work. Attorney Shane Moskop says The Southern Illinoisan's analysis of the documents is wrong.


"Its coverage on this issue provided only a partial narrative, while serving to even further distract those involved from finding a long-term funding allocation solution and providing the stability the SIU campuses deserve."


Dunn says he was working on behalf of an equitable funding split between SIUE and SIUC. He says the issue is complex and has been discussed for years.


"I have and continue to support a proper allocation of funds between SIU Carbondale and SIU Edwardsville," Dunn says in his statement. "As SIU System President, a legitimate business decision must be made as to what is going to allow the SIU system as a whole to flourish and to ensure that both SIU educational institutions have the appropriate resources needed to operate into the future."


Dunn remains the President of SIU's multi-campus system. The Board of Trustees were split 4-4 on a call to suspend him when they met last month. Their next regularly scheduled meeting is in September.