Dunn Praises Potential MAP Grant Increase, Says Higher Ed Spending Critical

Feb 15, 2017

SIU President Randy Dunn says Governor Rauner's Budget Address gives him hope that a compromise may be on the horizon when it comes to a state spending plan.

Dunn says the budget impasse has gone on for too long - and people all over the state are hurting as a result. He says there is an air of compromise in Springfield, and he hopes that continues.
"Whether it's elected officials, thought leaders, policymakers, people understand that the time is now to get this figured out. We take that as a good sign. And this is in a bipartisan fashion, out of both chambers - people know that we cannot keep going the way we're going."
Still, Dunn says a potential cut to higher education spending will be a difficult pill for colleges and universities to take. But a possible increase in MAP grant funding may help ease students' pain.

Dunn also says the Budget Address is always one step in the process, and he's taking this year's proposal in much the same way.