Du Quoin Schools May Borrow Money to Deal with Budget Shortfall

Jun 8, 2017

Illinois lawmakers and Governor Bruce Rauner have yet to approve funding for K through 12 schools with the new academic year just over two months away.

Du Quoin Schools Superintendent Gary Kelly says his district will be able to open in August, but there is a lot of uncertainty beyond that. He says the district may only be able to operate for about two months this fall without an education budget from the state.

Kelly says the need for funding is also coming to a head before the end of the fiscal year on June 30.
"One of the things that we've been looking at to end this (fiscal) year is some temporary borrowing because we don't have the categorical aid coming in for transportation and special education. So, we're looking at that as a stopgap."

The Du Quoin School District's Board of Education has authorized Superintendent Kelly to borrow up to 600-thousand dollars before the end of the month. Kelly says that's the amount the district has been shorted in mandated areas of service.

"That includes special education, which was like 3 or 4 programs there that we've not received money for that's supposed to be completed by June 30. We've not received our entire categorical aid for transportation, which includes regular and special."

Kelly says Du Quoin schools will have enough money to start the school year. But, if there is no state budget for education by then, he says the district may only be able to operate for about two months.