Douglas Co. Physician to Run for 15th Congressional District Seat

Oct 21, 2019

A central Illinois family physician has announced he is running for the republican nomination in the 15th Congressional District.

Charles Ellington lives in Camargo in Douglas County and practices medicine in Arthur.

For obvious reasons, he says healthcare is his top issue. He says what reduces costs and helps people live longer and healthier is access to primary care.
"I think that has to be the cornerstone of any healthcare reform plan if we're going to fix the Affordable Care Act. I think it has to be a main piece that we need to address. We also need to look at patient choice."

Ellington says if elected, he'll work on a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, which he says must be done before it's repealed.

He supports President Trump's Make America Great Again vision, although he broke from the president in the area of transparency on tax returns.
"I think as members of the House of Representatives, we hold the purse of the country. I think it's only fair that the American people know where our finances come from. So, I'm releasing my tax returns and I'm going to call on all those who are running to do the same."
Ellington is a graduate of SIU and says he plans to spend a lot of time in the southern part of the 15th district, which covers 33 counties that stretch from the Metro East to the Indiana border and from Hoopeston south to Metropolis.

The longtime GOP incumbent, Shimkus, is not seeking re-election.