Despite Meeting Cancellation, Protesters Gather at Carbondale City Hall

Oct 24, 2018

A community assembly in front of Carbondale City Hall - in spite of the regular City Council Meeting being cancelled
Credit Amelia Blakely/WSIU

Citing planned civil disobedience, Carbondale's scheduled City Council meeting was cancelled this week. Protests were planned against President Donald Trump's visit.

In spite of the cancellation, about 60 people gathered in front of City Hall for a community assembly.
Before the council meeting was cancelled Councilman Adam Loos planned to read a resolution rejecting President Trump and fascism.

Veteran Rob Bartoni speaks to the crowd
Credit Amelia Blakely/WSIU

Air Force Veteran Rob Bartoni says it's about representation, and uniting people rather than dividing them.

"Why not raise us all up, instead of pushing half of us down?"
The assembly had thirteen speakers varying from gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and immigration status. All say President Trump and his policies are not welcome in Carbondale.