Court Cases on Government Spending During Budget Impasse Get Hearings This Week

Jun 12, 2017

Illinois courts have played a crucial role in determining how state government spends money during the budget stalemate. Two of those cases have important hearings this week.

The cases involve two groups: one who has been getting paid; and another who hasn’t, but wants to.

Up Tuesday are state employees. Normally their salaries must be appropriated by the legislature — when that didn’t happen in 2015, the AFSCME union convinced a judge to just order the payments.

Lawyers from Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office are arguing against that. Tuesday's case is before the appellate court in Mount Vernon.

Then, on Wednesday, social service providers will go before a judge in St. Clair County — asking for the same special treatment as state workers.

The groups provide services to people with disabilities, mental health problems and the like. They argue because Illinois government signed contracts with them, they too should be getting paid — with or without a state budget.