Contribution Limits Lifted in Some Illinois House Races

Feb 5, 2018

Campaign contribution limits were lifted in the Illinois governor’s race months ago, but it’s also happened in several state House races as well.

Illinois has caps for how much you… or a corporation… or a union can give to a candidate. But those caps can be lifted.

The limits come off for House and Senate races when a self-funded candidate gives their campaign $100,000 or when a Super PAC spends more than $100,000 in a race.

And that’s happening more often, says Sarah Brune, executive director of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform.

In a study of recent elections, her organization found that limits were lifted in about a third of legislative races in 2016. That’s three times more than the previous election cycle. 

 “There can really be a saturation point and a point of diminishing return. I think some people just tune it out.  That could lead to disengagement – or just a feeling that they’re being inundated with pol content.”

Brune also says it can make people feel like they can’t get involved with state politics, because it requires so much money.