Construction of the Pinckneyville Community Hospital is Almost Complete

Mar 16, 2015

Pinckneyville Community Hospital is on target to complete construction in May.

The 31 million dollar project is past the 80% finished mark.

The hospital serves around 20 thousand people from surrounding communities.

In the six months since I was last here the Pinckneyville Community Hospital has changed a lot.

“At this point were getting more and more into the finished work while the flooring is getting put in place last of the low voltage cabling and those connections are coming up.”

CEO Tom Hudgins says once construction wraps up there’s still a few things left to do.

“Shortly after that we’ll submit the necessary documentation to the Illinois Department of Public Health to start the process of getting the certificate of occupancy which means we can operate it as a hospital.”

The new facility will be up to modern standards that the old buildings couldn’t offer.

“The old building doesn’t meet earthquake codes, there’s just a whole series of issues that go back to the age of the buildings.”

There’s one thing Hudgins says patient will notice right away.

“I think the biggest thing is the spaces for the patients is now what you would consider current space sizes it’s what you would expect to see in a modern hospital.”

As well as being a little more organized.

“It’s going to be a dramatic change from what they’re used to seeing that they’ll feel comfortable coming in here, they’re not being run all over the place for services.”

The construction is projected to wrap up in May,

“The closer you get the crazier it gets with all the last finish details getting ready to plan the move.”

Administrators hope to start moving into the Hospital in by the fall.

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