Cinderella’s Threads Makes Prom Dresses Affordable For Everyone’s Budget

Feb 13, 2020

High Schoolers typically start shopping for that perfect prom dress near the end of winter. Dresses can cost a big bundle of cash. But, there’s also a market for used dresses that might prevent a completely empty pocketbook. 

Prom dress prices range from less than a hundred dollars to thousands at high end shops in big cities. Three years ago, Geneva Forys asked her Facebook friends to donate dresses to help some high school girls find a dress they normally couldn’t afford. Word got out.

Forys says she turned the donations into Cinderella’s Threads, a dress rental business in downtown Olney.

“For those girls that can’t afford it, it’s great seeing them come in and get to pick out that perfect prom gown and then see the smile on their parent’s face when they can afford the prom gown because it’s not $400.”

Forus says donations have continued ….

“We have over a thousand dresses short and long.”

Forys charges $10 for the dress. Shoes and jewelry are $5 each.

“For twenty bucks they be ready for prom.”

The perfect dress also needs to fit perfectly. Forus says they can help.

Cinderella's Threads
Credit Benjy / WSIU

“We allow girls to make alterations to it, we prefer it be something that can be undone for the next girl to rent.”

Dress rental shops tend to be regional.  Forus says high schoolers within a three hour drive come to her shop to search and save money. As with many businesses though, the main competition for prom dresses outlets, is on line with sites such as ‘Rent the Runway.’

For WSIU I’m Benjy Jeffords.