Centerstone Set to Open Marion Facility to Help Those Dealing with Opioid Abuse

Apr 9, 2019

Centerstone is opening a Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) facility in Marion.

Mona Miller, the M-A-T Grant Coordinator says the facility is designed for those with an opioid abuse disorder.

"Last year, Centerstone received a grant through the Opioid State Targeted Response Grant. And what it was designed to do it open up M-A-T facilities through a hub and spoke model. So Centerstone is the hub."

Miller says they received the grant because of the area's need.
"This is the first facility that's going to be able to offer the methadone. There have been some doctors in the area who are providing the other forms of M-A-T services, but when the state looked throughout the counties, the number of providers was still low enough they considered it a desert area based on the need and the level."

Miller says the goal is to form a network to serve those in our area who need treatment. Currently, they must travel to Paducah, Evansville, and some as far as Chicago.

Individual providers can only treat so many patients per year and some were easily reaching that limit.

This is the first facility in the area to offer methadone, a medication used to help with withdraw symptoms. Miller says patients receive medication as well as counseling and therapy. The facility is scheduled to open by the end of April. It will be located at 202 Bentley in Marion.